City Limits Ranch

Who We Are


           In 2006 we started our programs in partnership with the Sheriff's Activity League of Watsonville, CA. We began with month long camps that met every Saturday from 10-3. Kids were selected by the SAL and varied in ages and background.  We currently host children that are referred from CASA and area social workers every Friday afternoon and Saturday during the spring, summer and fall.  Adult volunteers care for the horses daily and have opportunities to ride as they desire.  A dedicated group of children, teens  and their parents and adult mentors participate in our programs, mentor their peers and enjoy the horses every weekend throughout the seasons.

  The primary objectives and purposes of our non-profit organization are to provide a facility and maintain horses so that natural horsemanship and equine programs can be implemented in the community. By fostering in children and adults a love for and understanding of horses the numbers of unwanted horses in the community will be decreased in future.

              We rely on volunteers tremendously. There is no cost to any child who comes to ride with us. We understand the encouraging effects horses can have on lives and well-being and we want nothing more than to further that in the lives of others. To keep that philosophy we are always looking for people to help supervise on Saturdays or in any other way they feel they can assist us. We are forever thankful for their generosity.

           Donations are welcome and are fully tax deductible but there is never any charge to our participants.

If you'd like to help out, or if you would like to get a child involved in our program please contact us : )



    Becca riding her own horse while ponying a child on Missy