City Limits Ranch

Our Staff and Volunteers

Kerrin Hoban: Kerrin is the backbone and founder of this program. In 2006, she began working to share her love of horses and natural horsemanship with the community.  City Limits Ranch was the result.




Diane Evans (Dink): Dink keeps the ranch running smoothly. She supervises all maintenance, from the feeding of the horses twice a day to their  turning out to making sure fences get fixed. She makes sure our program can run and ensures that our horses are taken care of wonderfully. Words could not even come close to expressing how grateful we are for all she does. She has been around horses since an early age and has expansive knowledge in western riding coupled with natural horsemanship.

Janey King:  Invaluable. That's all we can say about Janey King.  She's assistant ranch manager, head Splash rider and Dink's right hand woman.  She owns Picasso Pete and Angie and is honorary owner of "her" mini donkey Lucy.  An expert English rider, she helps our kids ride beautifully and stay safe.

 Julie Anderson, Ruth McCabe, Isea Ashby-Hall,   Betsy Bowerman and numerous other volunteers keep us going every day.

 Becca Woodward: Becca is 22 and has been riding since age 8. She is the daughter of Betsy and has known Dink and Kerrin since as long as she can remember. It was Kerrin who gave her her first real ride on a horse, Towanda, when she was a child. She has been studying natural horsemanship since she began riding but also had intensive English knowledge due to years of pony club and training with great trainers in the county, both in dressage and showjumping. Becca loves sharing all her knowledge with the children. She is also very very very lucky to be the owner of Maurice.                                                                              

 Jasmine:  Jasmine is one of our youth counselors and has been learning natural horsemanship for several years.   We are very proud of her accomplishments as a student, youth leader and horsewoman. The barn is  one of her favorite places to be and she loves all the horses but Woodrow will always be her first favorite.


                            Jasmine and our little Rocket