City Limits Ranch

The Most important part of our program... The Horses

Avatar:  in July of 2012 we are very fortunate to find this wonderful 14 year old half Andalusian gelding to add to our horse herd.  He promises to be kind, responsive and athletic, perfectly complimenting  our advanced and intermediate riders.




Smoky.   Smoky came to us in September of 2009 at the age of six.  He is a blue roan quarter horse gelding.  Smoky had plans for a performance career in roping, but had to  be retired from competition when he suffered a career ending injury due to an accident.  We took a chance that he would be sound for the kind of riding our horses do and  we rehabbed him for almost a year  after we picked him up at Steinbeck Country Equine Hospital in Salinas, CA. We are grateful to Laura Snow  for thinking of us and  to Wally Evans for his generous donation of Smoky to our program.  His left brain  extrovert/introvert horsenality  and high level of training make him a favorite with beginners and experienced riders alike.





  Gherkin: Gherkin is an Arabian cross in her late twenties. She came to Kerrin as a competitive ride and tie horse that used to stay in right brain flight mode throughout every ride. Using natural horsemanship, Gherkin and Kerrin were able to find common ground that leads their amazing partnership today.  Gherkin is not very fond of arena work and requires a very experienced rider in the arena, but on the trail she is bombproof with the newest beginners.  Gherkin is semi-retired due to her age and arthritis but she does like to go on some short trail rides every summer.




Doctor Pepper: Pepper is an Appaloosa/Arabian cross that we  found advertised for sale in "The Trail Less Traveled" magazine and were lucky to be able to purchase for a bargain price.  His prior owner just wanted him to go to a good home where he would be loved and ridden.  He was  sound and well trained but a bit flighty and  the prior owner was afraid to ride him.  With natural horsemanship we solved our  horse/human communication issues. Now Pepper is calm as a horse could be and loves his life on the ranch.    A few years ago Kerrin gave him to Betsy who  generously  still shares him with our kids.            





Tatonka: Tonka is short for Tatonka, which means Buffalo in Cherokee. Tonka acts nothing like a buffalo but her dark brown color with some spots gives her the coloring of one. She was rescued at  the same time as Foxy, as a five month old neglected foal.  She is now nine years old.  Being a left brain introvert and part  Appaloosa, part Welsh pony means Tatonka prefers standing still to going forward.  She requires a patient and skilled rider to develop a true partnership.  Once you arrive at an understanding with her she is a pleasure to ride. Isabella has developed an amazing bond with this intelligent and challenging little mare.






Foxy: Foxy is  a 9 year old   chestnut, unregistered Paint x Quarterhorse mare.  She was rescued  from neglect at five months old and has had a series of misadventures. When she was only three and barely started she and Kerrin (and Betsy and Pepper) were struck by a tornado!  This led to quite a wreck but everyone survived.  Foxy is a very challenging right brain mare that requires a sensitive and thoughtful rider.  If Kerrin asks you to work with or ride Foxy, you know you are something special.  Her Seven games and groundwork are very very good but she is still green under saddle since illness and hock problems have delayed her training.  


Here are Foxy (back) and Tatonka (front) at one year old at the City Limits Ranch.



Towanda: T-wa is a Palomino Quarter Horse in her early twenties. Kerrin has had her since she was a yearling. She's a beautiful horse with a vibrant personality but as a right brain introvert, dominant mare she was too challenging for most kids to ride.  Then Isabella came along and Bella doesn't take no for an answer.  Bella proved to us that she could ride Towanda safely.  Patience, persistence and a true understanding made Towanda  one of the favorites for the more experienced riders.



Tony Pony:  Kerrin got Tony from Horse Power Rescue when he was less than two years old.  He is a chestnut gelding, half Hackney and half ??? Shetland.  He came from a herd of feral ponies and is a left brain extrovert with ATTITUDE.  Probably got that from the Shetland side.  Tony requires very expert and balanced riders which he has  recently found in Misses Caroline and Emily King.  Tony left us when we was six and  for six years had a career in English show competition with a local trainer, using the show name Mighty Muffin. We were fortunate that the trainer decided to return him to us.  He now makes his permanent home at the City Limits Ranch.  Sometimes referred to as Killer Cupcake, Tony plans to train one child after another for the next twenty years.  He spent the winter of 2011/2012 at Saratoga Stables with Caroline and Emily and is back at the City Limits:  fit, fabulous and ready to RIDE and jump.




Lester: Lester was given to us by our wonderful friend,  the local author Laura Snow.  She knew he was a great horse, but couldn't use him for her discipline anymore. He is a  20 year old quarter horse gelding.  He excels in the arena and on the trail.  He can be ridden English or western and will do whatever is asked of him.  He is a favorite with both beginner and advanced riders.  Sound, calm and takes care of his rider, Lester is the absolute best.  We are so fortunate to know Laura, and through her to have Smoky and Lester.




Dixie:  Betsy and Becca got Dixie  from a rescue organization when Becca first began English riding. She is  probably an appendix quarterhorse.   Her actual history is not known.   Dixie went with Becca to  pony club for 4 years and then went on to another ranch as a lesson horse. Now she is back with us and  is semi retired.  Dixie is happiest walking on the trails at Jack Brook Horse Camp. 


Woodrow: Woodrow is a 13 year old Paint  gelding and is our diamond in the rough. He is cool, calm and collected and will take care of any rider.  He is a left brain introvert/extrovert and is very dominant in the herd but very polite to humans.  He  vastly prefers  whoa to slow and slow to go so the skill of the rider is  constantly tested.  You can always tell when the beginner has really learned to ride - they can get Woodrow to GO!


 Triscuit: Triscuit is a buckskin Quarter Horse (pony size- small but mighty) and the only equine Dink and Kerrin have had since birth. She is 8 now and turning into a phenomenal reiner and cow horse.  She divides her time between the City Limits Ranch program and Deb Cooper's Moon Valley Ranch training barn.  She is a spitfire with a tremendously sweet personality.


Rocket: Rocket is our mini horse! We adopted him from the Santa Cruz SPCA and he is one of the sweetest little men you will ever meet. He does everything our big horses do, just on a smaller scale.  Rocket  is a left brain extrovert and can kind of remember being a stallion!  He loves to visit schools and events, ride in the back of Betsy's mini van and he has  been taught to lay down and LOVES having his belly rubbed. We have been loaned a cart and harness and our next project is teaching the Rock Star to drive.                                                                                                              


Lucy: Lucy is our Mini- Donkey.  She is remarkable sweet and kind.  She was adopted from the Santa Cruz SPCA (good friends of the non-profit)  as a friend for Rocket, and they have been inseparable ever since. If you're around the ranch during feeding time, you can probably hear Lucy's loud brays : )




Splash: Splash is  a 8 year old Pintabian.  He is a left brain extrovert with some right brain tendencies.  Deb Cooper  gave him the benefit of her wisdom and started him under saddle.  Kerrin rode him out on the trail for the first time last summer at Jack Brook Horse Camp and he was absolutely perfect.  He is a bit of a work in progress so we encourage everyone to play the Seven Games and take him in the round pen when they have a free moment.