City Limits Ranch


City Limits Ranch is an unique non-profit organization that provides natural horsemanship opportunities to children, teenagers and at-risk youth in our community. We believe that the principles of natural horsemanship teach life lessons and foster understanding and communication between peers and adult mentors, while empowering children and youth to better themselves psychologically, athletically and academically.

Our program provides horses with a loving home and helps to ensure each horse's future by training and physical rehabilitation. Our youth, teen and adult volunteers work together to make the world a better place for horses and people. 

We hope to decrease the growing problem of unwanted horses one future owner at a time,  by encouraging a love for and understanding of horses in children and adults in our community. We benefit children by providing an empowering social and recreational outlet where they can share their love for horses with adults and peers.
               "Horses and Children, I often think, have a lot of the good sense there is in the world"

- Josephine Demott Robinson 

Go to our Links page and click on the horsefriendly link to buy your Natural Horsemanship and training equipment.  Get high quality halters, leads and much more, support local business and the nonprofit gets a donation of 10% of your purchase automatically.   

Mission statement :  the primary objectives and purposes of our non-profit organization shall be to provide a facility and maintain horses so that natural horsemanship and equine programs can be implemented in the community, to foster in children and adults a love for and understanding of horses so that in future the numbers of unwanted horses in the community will be decreased and to provide for the care of  our program's horses now and into their retirement

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